HOW TO | Upload un­lim­ited items to Google Photos

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1 Get the free app

You’ll need a Google ac­count (free, ac­ com/signup) and Google Photos Backup (free, photos. Copy the app to your Mac’s Ap­pli­ca­tions folder, open it and sign in to your Google ac­count. You’ll then be prompted to choose a photo source.

2 Choose what to scan

You can di­rect the app to scan cam­eras and stor­age cards, fold­ers (in­clud­ing the Desk­top and Pic­tures) and your iPhoto li­brary, and upload pic­tures au­to­mat­i­cally. The high qual­ity op­tion pro­vides un­lim­ited stor­age, or you can choose Orig­i­nal, which counts against your ac­count’s stor­age lim­its.

3 Start the upload

When you click ‘Start backup’, the app will upload pic­tures in the back­ground. The process can be paused from the menu bar, and you can jump to your Google Photos ac­count page from there. When the app is run­ning, it will watch your cho­sen lo­ca­tions and upload new photos it finds.

4 Hack your Photos li­brary

The li­brary for­mat used by Ap­ple’s Photos app is not yet di­rectly sup­ported by Google, but it’s easy to in­cor­po­rate into your back­ups. Go to your Pic­tures folder, right-click the li­brary and choose Show Pack­age Con­tents. Here, the Mas­ters folder holds the orig­i­nals of items im­ported into the app.

5 Link in the Mas­ters folder

Click Google Photo Backup’s menu bar icon and pick Pref­er­ences. In the win­dow that opens, click Add to spec­ify another folder that Google Photo Backup should watch. Drag the Mas­ters folder men­tioned in step 4 into the win­dow that Google’s app just opened and then click Choose.

6 View your photos

Google Photos Backup will watch your spec­i­fied fold­ers and upload any new photos added to them. Click its menu bar icon and choose ‘Go to Google Photos’ to con­firm things have up­loaded to Google’s servers. Your photos can be viewed wher­ever you can sign in to

7 Edit pic­tures online

Google Photos’ web app even lets you edit pic­tures. Se­lect one and you can per­form sim­i­lar ed­its to those you might make in iPhoto or the Photos app on your Mac. You can post your pic­tures to Google+, Face­book and Twit­ter, and copy a link to share by other means, such as email.

8 Man­age your cat­a­logue

Google Photos’ web app also lets you or­gan­ise im­ages into al­bums, add ti­tles and de­scrip­tions, and search them. It’s pos­si­ble to upload pic­tures from any com­puter by drag­ging files di­rectly onto the web­site – handy to en­sure you have an online backup if your Mac is un­avail­able when trav­el­ling.

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