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I re­cently spent al­most £2,000 pur­chas­ing a high-spec MacBook Pro which came with this type of track­pad and now I re­gret it. The pad is a dis­as­ter and most of the time does not func­tion as is claimed in the sales blurb. Hav­ing used a con­ven­tional Ap­ple track­pad since they first came on the mar­ket, I have en­joyed many hours of surf­ing and so on. Now I find that if my fin­ger lingers for a brief sec­ond too long then the page I am view­ing ei­ther dis­ap­pears and is re­placed with some thing else, or if the cur­sor is not in the right place then I am pre­sented with god knows what.

I have tried ad­just­ing the pad with the sparse in­for­ma­tion supplied and even af­ter talk­ing to Ap­ple noth­ing has changed. In­deed, I have come to the con­clu­sion that the pad is faulty and pro­pose to re­turn it to my lo­cal Ap­ple Store for in­ves­ti­ga­tion. If it re­ports that it’s okay then the Mac will go straight onto eBay. I’ll make a thump­ing loss but frankly I do not care any­more!

Why Ap­ple came up with this idea and, in­deed, many more of its re­cent in­ven­tions baf­fles me. The only peo­ple who may gain from this pad and many of the other sys­tem tweaks are gamers. What Ap­ple should con­cen­trate on are the se­ri­ous users of their prod­ucts and should bear in mind the old maxim: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. David French Alan Stone­bridge says: Look­ing up the se­rial num­ber you pro­vided con­firms that it’s def­i­nitely a Mid 2014 model. The next one, with a Force Touch track­pad, was an­nounced and went on sale on 9 March. Be­fore get­ting the track­pad checked, let’s try to re­solve its sen­si­tiv­ity; it’s per­fectly nat­u­ral even to rest your fin­gers on the track­pad, but some be­hav­iours are all too easy to trig­ger with just a small amount of move­ment. In Sys­tem Pref­er­ences, click Track­pad and start by dis­abling at least the items un­der More Ges­tures. See how you get on, and over time re-en­able and try out any ges­tures that sound use­ful, one at a time. Put the pointer over an item to see a demo on the right. If the track­pad still mis­be­haves, then you cer­tainly should get it di­ag­nosed by Ap­ple.

You can choose which ges­tures are ac­tive on a

Multi-Touch track­pad.

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