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I just fin­ished read­ing your Free Mac Apps ar­ti­cle ( MF289). I was ex­cited to see you com­pare these apps to some well known pre­mium al­ter­na­tives, I was hop­ing to see a good al­ter­na­tive to Adobe’s Dreamweaver. How­ever, my search for a good free al­ter­na­tive to that app goes on, but I will be check­ing out Gimp and Inkscape. Be­sides Tex­tWran­gler though, I think you missed a good free text editor – if you’re a Sublime Text (£50) fan, then I think Mac users should know about Text­Mate 2 from macro­mates.com. It’s in beta and has been for a while now but it’s very well fea­tured with built-in syn­tax for­mat­ting for nearly ev­ery con­ceiv­able lan­guage and for­mat. I use it a lot at work for cre­at­ing Bash and Perl scripts, as well as HTML and CSS edit­ing and writ­ing. Owen Comp­ton Chris­tian Hall says: We’re glad you liked it, Owen. It’s in­cred­i­ble to think that such amaz­ing tools can be ob­tained for free, and Mac own­ers shouldn’t im­me­di­ately dis­miss free apps. Re­gard­ing Dreamweaver al­ter­na­tives, MacFor­mat rated RapidWeaver from Real­mac Soft­ware (real­mac­soft­ware.com). For more straight cod­ing there’s Coda from Panic (panic.com). Both are paid-for apps. Text­Mate is free in its beta form, but we didn’t in­clude it be­cause the devel­oper states that fu­ture ver­sions might re­quire a li­cence, hence pay­ment too.

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