Se­crets of Spot­light


Spot­light is pretty easy to use, and it’s best to start off sim­ple by just search­ing for the name of a file. En­ter ‘script’ to find a file with that in its name or con­tents.

En­ter­ing ‘script’ should bring up the Script Edi­tor app as the top re­sult. If this isn’t what you are look­ing for you could nar­row down your search us­ing Boolean op­er­a­tors: AND, OR and NOT. En­ter ’script NOT edi­tor’ or pre­fix a word with a mi­nus to omit items with that word from re­sults.

Typ­i­cally, though, you’ll want to nar­row down your search us­ing keywords. En­ter ‘script kind:doc­u­ment’ to find all the doc­u­ments with script in their name or text. You can nar­row down searches us­ing cre­ated and mod­i­fied tags, such as cre­ated:2015, or cre­ated:10/5/14 to match a spe­cific date. Use the ‘less than or equals’ op­er­a­tor (<=) to find items cre­ated be­fore a cer­tain date, such as ‘cre­ated:<=10/12/2014’.

There are many more keywords you can use to per­form more fo­cussed searches in Spot­light, and you can use more than one at a time. For a com­plete list of them in Yosemite, go to http://ap­

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