Fix­ing NVRAM and SMC


Mac users of a cer­tain age may well re­mem­ber a fix known as ‘zap­ping the PRAM’ – us­ing a quirky key com­bi­na­tion at startup to fix myr­iad prob­lems. Mod­ern Macs fea­ture some­thing sim­i­lar, called NVRAM (Non-Volatile Ran­dom-Ac­cess Mem­ory). This, along with re­set­ting the SMC (Sys­tem Man­age­ment Con­troller) can fix a va­ri­ety of startup and charg­ing is­sues.

If set­tings in NVRAM are cor­rupt, or SMC is out of sync, your Mac will ex­hibit a va­ri­ety of weird be­hav­iours. The Mac may take a long time to start, dis­play in the wrong res­o­lu­tion, or its time zone may be er­ratic. The SMC con­trols fans, sta­tus lights, the key­board back­light and other com­po­nents.

To re­set NVRAM, shut down your Mac, press the power but­ton and as soon as you hear a chime hold ç+å+p+r. You’ll hear a sec­ond chime. Let go of the keys and the Mac will start nor­mally.

Re­set­ting the SMC is a last re­sort af­ter all other trou­bleshoot­ing fails. If your Mac’s symp­toms match any­thing listed un­der Indi­ca­tors at http://ap­ then you should re­set the SMC by fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions for your type of Mac on that page. The process dif­fers be­tween Mac note­books de­pend­ing on whether their bat­tery is re­mov­able, and for desk­tops.

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