Cus­tomise iOS Mail ges­tures

Change the ges­tures used by iOS Mail to help or­gan­ise emails in a hurry

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As­sign the ac­tions you need to the swipe ges­tures in Mail on your iPhone or iPad

The ver­sion of Mail in iOS 8 is a big im­prove­ment, and in­cludes a num­ber of fea­tures that make it eas­ier to man­age the daily bar­rage of emails. One of the most use­ful of new fea­tures is the abil­ity to use ges­tures – a sim­ple fin­ger swipe ei­ther left or right across an email in the list of them for op­tions to quickly delete it, mark it as read or un­read, or to per­form a num­ber of other tasks with­out even hav­ing to open or read the mes­sage.

Those two ba­sic ges­tures work well for triag­ing new mes­sages, and you have the abil­ity to cus­tomise the ac­tions they per­form. (It’s no sur­prise that Mi­crosoft’s re­cently re­leased iOS ver­sion of Out­look in­cludes sim­i­lar ges­tures.) Your op­tions are fairly lim­ited, but you can do things like switch around the ac­tions (which is handy if you’re left­handed), or archive emails rather than sim­ply delete them.

These cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions are rather lim­ited, but if you dig a lit­tle deeper into Mail’s set­tings you can make changes that will help you to or­gan­ise your emails in the way that suits you best. Cliff Joseph

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