Add a great back­drop

Ap­ply Affin­ity De­signer’s pow­er­ful, real-time blend modes

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Ap­ply Affin­ity De­signer’s blend modes

In this penul­ti­mate in­stal­ment of our se­ries, we’ll fin­ish off our fish tank scene and learn­ing a few time-sav­ing tricks that will also help you to keep some uni­for­mity when you need it most. Once we’ve cre­ated a ta­ble for our fish tank to sit on, we’ll learn how to use De­signer’s blend modes. Un­like a lot of other apps, these up­date the im­age as you move the pointer over each one, so you can see the ex­act re­sults of the ef­fect in real time! We’ll also be ‘paint­ing’ the back­ground wall. As with a lot of things we’ve talked about in this se­ries you can ex­per­i­ment and cre­ate your own colour scheme, but we opted for a nice green-to-taupe gra­di­ent.

We’ll also learn about Affin­ity De­signer’s Ex­port per­sona, which has ev­ery­thing you’ll need to ex­port for the web. You can slice your im­age into smaller sec­tions, and ex­port in for­mats such as JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF and ESP. You can ex­port for print use too, of course. De­signer be­ing a vec­tor draw­ing app, you won’t lose any qual­ity when you

Un­like in many apps, De­signer’s blend modes are pre­viewed in real time as you move over them

ex­port. This is some­thing that De­signer re­ally makes use of and al­lows you to ex­port in three dif­fer­ent res­o­lu­tions – stan­dard, twice the res­o­lu­tion and three times, which is great for Retina dis­plays! James Robinson

We’ll be cre­at­ing the back­ground and learn­ing about dif­fer­ent ex­port op­tions in this part.

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