HOWTO | Move a Garage Band pro ject from iOS to OS X

Mac Format - - IMPROVE -

1 Start work on iOS

Start a project in GarageBand on your iOS de­vice. When you have taken it as far as you can on the de­vice, tap My Songs to go to the project list, then tap Select and tap on the project you want to move. Tap the cloud icon and choose Up­load Song To iCloud. This may take a cou­ple of min­utes.

2 Move to the Mac

Open GarageBand on your Mac (make sure you have the lat­est ver­sion – see top-left). Go to File > iCloud > Open iCloud Song. You will need to have made sure that you have iCloud Drive ac­tive in the set­tings on both de­vices for this to work. Most iOS projects will re­quire lit­tle stor­age space.

3 Keep work­ing

With the project on your Mac, you can per­form more de­tailed edit­ing and ar­rang­ing, and use third‑party plug-ins. You can’t take it back to iOS, yet it is still in iCloud. You can move it to lo­cal stor­age if you pre­fer. ≈- click its name in the ti­tle bar, then the folder just be­low to jump to it in Fin­der.

4 Re­move songs from iCloud

You can delete any project from iCloud us­ing Fin­der on your Mac by drag­ging it to the Trash. In GarageBand on iOS, re­peat the steps taken to up­load your project; this time the cloud icon of­fers an op­tion for you to re­move the track from iCloud, which helps if you need the space.

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