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Disks and vol­umes

The left pane shows disks and their vol­umes. Click the disk to erase it, for­mat it and cre­ate a new vol­ume for El Cap­i­tan.


When the disk is high­lighted, you’ll see the Par­ti­tion tab. If you click a vol­ume in left win­dow, the Par­ti­tion tab isn’t vis­i­ble.

Disk de­tails

The bot­tom of the win­dow dis­plays in­for­ma­tion about the se­lected disk, in­clud­ing its ca­pac­ity and par­ti­tion map scheme.

Par­ti­tion map scheme

With your disk se­lected, make sure this says ‘GUID Par­ti­tion Ta­ble’ so that El Cap­i­tan will boot.





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