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1 For­mat the disk

Plug in the drive on which you’ll in­stall El Cap­i­tan and wait un­til it mounts. Press ß+ç+u in the Fin­der to open the Util­i­ties folder, open Disk Util­ity and select the drive on the left. Click the Par­ti­tion tab, click on the par­ti­tion lay­out di­a­gram, select ‘1 Par­ti­tion’ from the drop‑down menu above it. Click the Op­tions but­ton be­low the di­a­gram and en­sure GUID Par­ti­tion Ta­ble is se­lected; it should be, and it’s im­por­tant that it is in or­der for the disk to be bootable. With the par­ti­tion se­lected in the di­a­gram, select ‘Mac OS Ex­tended (Jour­naled)’ as its for­mat on the right, and name it. Now click Ap­ply to pre­pare it for El Cap­i­tan in­stal­la­tion.

2 Be­gin in­stal­la­tion

Now down­load the in­staller, as de­scribed un­der Prepa­ra­tion on page 51. The in­staller will run as soon as it has down­loaded. When you reach the point where it asks you where to in­stall El Cap­i­tan, click Select Disk and choose the par­ti­tion on the drive you just pre­pared, and click OK. Click OK again to be­gin in­stalling. You’ll see a mes­sage telling you that all ap­pli­ca­tions will quit and your Mac will restart sev­eral times. Now, wait. If you’re in­stalling on a USB 2.0 hard drive, the process could take quite a while. When it’s fin­ished writ­ing the nec­es­sary files to disk, your Mac will restart in El Cap­i­tan to com­plete the in­stal­la­tion.


Set up OS X El Cap­i­tan

At this stage, you’ll need to go through the process of set­ting up the OS from scratch as it’s a brand new in­stal­la­tion. So, you’ll need to pro­vide your coun­try pref­er­ence for the key­board set­tings, al­low or dis­al­low lo­ca­tion shar­ing, and sign in to your iCloud ac­count if you want to use it with the El Cap­i­tan beta. You’ll also be told about the Feed­back As­sis­tant in the beta. This is a spe­cial app in­cluded with Ap­ple’s beta op­er­at­ing sys­tems that al­lows you to send de­tails of prob­lems you have to Ap­ple. It’s in­stalled when you take part in the beta pro­gram, and you sign into it us­ing your reg­u­lar Ap­ple ID and pass­word.


Switch be­tween ver­sions of OS X

The fi­nal step is to pro­vide a name and pass­word for the ad­min user ac­count on your El Cap­i­tan beta. The sys­tem will then cre­ate the user ac­count, which can take quite a while on a slow drive as there are many files to cre­ate. Once done, you’ll be run­ning El Cap­i­tan. Have a poke around, dis­cover what’s dif­fer­ent, and use the Feed­back As­sis­tant to no­tify Ap­ple of prob­lems. When you want to use your usual ver­sion of OS X, go to Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > Startup Disk and select it, then restart; this sets it as the sys­tem that’s used ev­ery time you power on your Mac. Alternatively, you can hold å at the startup chime to make a tem­po­rary choice.

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