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1 As­sign short­cuts

Where menu items have no short­cut, you can as­sign your own. In the Key­board pane, choose Short­cuts > App Short­cuts and click the + un­der the right pane. In the form, select the rel­e­vant app, type the menu item’s name ex­actly as shown in the menu (some items in­clude an el­lip­sis, which is typed with å+;), and hold the short­cut you want to use, en­sur­ing it isn’t al­ready used in that app.

2 Key­board nav­i­ga­tion

You can nav­i­gate the menu bar us­ing the keys by press­ing ≈+@ (and ƒ on com­pact key­boards) to put the fo­cus in the menu bar’s left-hand side. Use the ar­row keys to move through the menus, and press ® to select an item. Short­cuts for the sta­tus icons and the Dock are listed in Key­board pref­er­ences > Short­cuts > Key­board; not all third-party menu ex­tras can take the fo­cus.

3 Step through forms

Press­ing † steps through text boxes and lists in web forms but skips other items. Press ≈+& (and ƒ on small key­boards) to tog­gle the Full Key­board Ac­cess set­ting, en­abling key­board nav­i­ga­tion to all items. This also works with but­tons in di­alogs; press † un­til the one you want has a blue out­line (not a blue face, which is the de­fault op­tion, in­voked with ® ) then press the space­bar.

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