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1 Print PDFs to Drop­box

Want all those on­line shop­ping re­ceipts in one place and on all de­vices? Cre­ate a folder for them in Drop­box. Then, when­ever you buy any­thing, print the re­ceipt but click the PDF menu on the print dialog. Now click Edit Menu and in the next win­dow, click the ‘+’ and nav­i­gate to the folder you just cre­ated. The folder will be added to the list, and next time you can select it to save a PDF re­ceipt to it.

2 Sync se­lec­tively

By de­fault, Drop­box syncs ev­ery­thing you store in it with your Mac, and if you have a Pro ac­count that could be quite a lot of disk space. You can, how­ever, choose what to sync. Click the Drop­box icon on your Mac’s menu bar then click the cog at the bot­tom. Click Pref­er­ences > Ac­count. Op­po­site ‘Se­lec­tive Sync’, click Change Set­tings and then untick the fold­ers you don’t want to sync.

3 Syn­chro­nise pref­er­ences

Some apps al­low you to put pref­er­ence files in a shared folder and open in­stances of the app on dif­fer­ent ma­chines, but with the same setup thanks to the synced pref­er­ences. Oth­ers, such as Scrivener, al­low you to work on dif­fer­ent ma­chines by sync­ing the doc­u­ment file. In both cases, you can use Drop­box to store the file. As Drop­box keeps a lo­cal copy of ev­ery­thing you store in it, the app sees it as just another folder.

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