HOWTO | Cus­tomise Ges­tures in iOS Mail

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1 Left and right swipes

You can swipe left to right across a mes­sage to mark it as read or un­read. Swip­ing from right to left works slightly dif­fer­ently. A long swipe to the left im­me­di­ately deletes the email, but by swip­ing a lit­tle more slowly you’ll see ad­di­tional op­tions, such as the abil­ity to flag the email for read­ing later.

2 Swipe away

You can change the way the ges­tures work in the Set­tings app > Mail, Con­tacts, Cal­en­dars > Swipe Op­tions. The di­a­grams here show the cur­rently as­signed ac­tions. Only the ac­tions in the po­si­tions shown in blue are change­able. They are set to ‘Flag’ and ‘Mark as Read’ by de­fault.

3 Cus­tomis­ing ges­tures

Your op­tions are fairly lim­ited. If you tap on Swipe Right, you can change it to ei­ther flag the email or file it in the Archive mail­box. If you’re left-handed you might want to change the Swipe Left ges­ture to ‘Mark as Read’ so that the de­fault ac­tions are now re­versed. But we’re not fin­ished yet.

4 Mail Be­hav­iours

In Set­tings > Mail, Con­tacts, Cal­en­dars, tap your iCloud ac­count at the top, then Mail un­der the Ad­vanced head­ing. Scroll down and tap Ad­vanced to con­trol which mail­boxes are used. You could spec­ify that dis­card­ing an email (a left swipe) puts it in the Archive mail­box rather than Deleted.

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