Pho­tos is adding du­pli­cates to my li­brary

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Q I was no­ti­fied by iCloud that I was seek­ing cus­tody for 42,500 pic­tures, the cost of which is peanuts. How­ever, within Pho­tos, in the ‘Pho­tos’ sec­tion, I have a large num­ber of du­pli­cates, trip­li­cates, and so on. This is be­cause I have pho­to­graphs in dif­fer­ent files. As an ex­am­ple, I used to be MD of a fleet of ships that came into ser­vice in the 19th cen­tury and still ex­ists. I have pho­tos of all these ships, and from time to time new ships are added. I am able to name each ship along­side its photo.

From time to time I de­liver lec­tures on this, us­ing these pho­tos, so some are within Key­note or Out­look. In the Pho­tos sec­tion of the app I may well have a half dozen rep­e­ti­tions of ‘SS such and such’. How do I bring this back to earth? Do I un­der­stand cor­rectly that Pho­tos is read­ing any pho­tos on my com­puter? I am aware of how to con­struct al­bums and I know how to delete a pic­ture from Pho­tos. But search­ing through 42,000 is a bit much. Rod Brown A Pho­tos doesn’t scour your hard drive. The im­ages in your li­brary are the ones that were mi­grated from iPhoto and the ones that you have man­u­ally im­ported since then. When you en­able iCloud Photo Li­brary, the Pho­tos app checks whether the im­age al­ready ex­ists in your on­line li­brary be­fore it up­loads the lo­cal ver­sion. The same check hap­pens when you first im­port a li­brary. You can force Pho­tos to res­can for du­pli­cates by ex­port­ing your en­tire li­brary to a folder and then reim­port­ing it to a new li­brary.

If this was go­ing to work for you, it would al­ready have elim­i­nated most du­pli­cates when you mi­grated from iPhoto, and it doesn’t seem to have hap­pened. I sus­pect this is be­cause your du­pli­cates are slightly dif­fer­ent sizes, crop­pings and res­o­lu­tions – prob­a­bly cre­ated when you im­ported im­ages into other apps for your lec­tures. I don’t re­ally un­der­stand how those copies ended up back in your li­brary, but there we are.

To get rid of them, you’ll need an app with a looser def­i­ni­tion of ‘du­pli­cate’. Pho­toSweeper is one of these. It’s on the Mac App Store for £7.99 but there is also a free trial on the web­site at over­

Pho­tos can some­times look like du­pli­cates at first glance, de­spite sub­tle dif­fer­ences.

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