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Q I have a ques­tion that isn’t strictly about Macs, but I hope you can still help me. I need to use both Macs and PCs as part of my work, although at home I use an iMac.

I have used Ap­ple Mail for years and got re­ally used to the in­ter­face, but I can’t use this on the PC. Up un­til now I have been get­ting by with us­ing Gmail when I am on the PC but it doesn’t let me file ev­ery­thing away into fold­ers, like Mail does. Is there a sin­gle email app that will work well on both Mac and PC? Fail­ing that, what is the most Mail-like pro­gram for Win­dows? Craig McAlis­tair A If you have sev­eral dif­fer­ent email ac­counts and you’re used to see­ing them all in a sin­gle uni­fied in­box, then Inky pro­vides a very stream­lined in­ter­face. It’s free on both PC and Mac (there’s also an iOS ver­sion, although it costs £7.99 to down­load from the App Store for some rea­son). Inky re­lies heav­ily on its au­to­matic fil­ter­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties and pro­vides pre­set sub­fold­ers for of­fers, so­cial net­work­ing no­ti­fi­ca­tions and so on. You can’t cre­ate your own sub­fold­ers.

If you use Mail as a fil­ing sys­tem for all your old mes­sages, you may be bet­ter off with Thun­der­bird, which can im­port your ex­ist­ing fold­ers from Gmail. Thun­der­bird has a fairly ugly in­ter­face, which I’m not keen on. I pre­fer to stick with Mail on the Mac and use the out­ web ser­vice on the PC. This also du­pli­cates your fold­ers when you im­port your Gmail ac­count, but looks much ti­dier.

Inky’s stripped down in­ter­face and au­to­matic fil­ter­ing save a lot of time, if you can get used to it.

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