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Q I have just up­graded from Moun­tain Lion to Yosemite. I have also just pur­chased a pair of USB head­phones, but have to ad­just the sound in­put and out­put set­tings each time. Is there a script or app that would al­low me to al­ter these set­tings sim­ply with less key clicks from ei­ther the menu bar or per­haps a de­fined hotkey? Per­haps I’m be­ing too lazy. Chris­tian Webb A The long way is to open Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > Sound and set the in­put de­vice to your head­phones. Hold­ing å and press­ing any of the au­dio func­tion keys in the top row of an Ap­ple key­board will take you di­rectly to these pref­er­ences. You can shave off another few sec­onds by å- click­ing the vol­ume icon on the menu bar. The menu will then show all the avail­able au­dio in­puts and out­puts for you to choose from.

click the vol­ume icon to quickly switch sound de­vices.

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