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Save time with these handy key­board short­cuts built into OS X. The fastest way to do a quick cal­cu­la­tion is to hit ç+[ Space­bar] to bring up Spot­light and type your sum into the search bar. Re­mem­ber to use * ( ß+8) in­stead of x for mul­ti­pli­ca­tion. The re­sult will be shown im­me­di­ately and if you press ® , the Cal­cu­la­tor app will launch so you can use its more ad­vanced func­tions. If you are copy­ing text from a web page into your word pro­ces­sor or an email, you can paste it into your doc­u­ment with­out up­set­ting your cur­rent font for­mat­ting by us­ing å+ß+ç+v, in­stead of just ç+v. Not sure what a word means on a web page or doc­u­ment? Just hover your mouse pointer over the word and press ç+≈+D to pop up the dic­tio­nary def­i­ni­tion. If you’re go­ing to be work­ing in a quiet space such as a li­brary, hold ) when shut­ting down your Mac. The next time you power on your Mac, the startup chime will not sound. Sim­i­larly, you can change the vol­ume with­out the give­away sounds each time you press the vol­ume keys by hold­ing ß at the same time. This can be muted per­ma­nently (which is Yosemite’s de­fault) in Sound pref­er­ences, un­der Sound Ef­fects.

Spot­light is a speedy way to cal­cu­late things.

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