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Q Can I get rid of iTunes? I hate it and never use it, pre­fer­ring to play my mu­sic through the Chrome MP3 player add‑on, but iTunes still starts it­self when I ac­ci­den­tally click on an MP3 file in Fin­der. Ev­ery time I try drag­ging iTunes to the Trash it says I can’t delete it be­cause it’s “re­quired by OS X”. Is that true? Steve Pel­lier A ‘Re­quired’ may be stretch­ing a point slightly, but it’s cer­tainly fairly deeply in­te­grated. Deeply enough that even if you over­ride Fin­der’s warn­ing and delete it from Ter­mi­nal with the sudo rm com­mand, it will sim­ply be re­in­stalled the next time OS X up­dates. It’s prob­a­bly not worth fight­ing it on that level; there are lots of com­po­nents in­te­grated into OS X that most of us don’t use much – Chess, Photo Booth and Stick­ies, for ex­am­ple. It’s true that iTunes con­sumes a lot more disk space than all of those put to­gether – around 340MB at the mo­ment – but that’s still a fairly small chunk. Even if you only have a 128GB SSD, it’s only a quar­ter of a per­cent of your to­tal disk space.

How­ever, you can change which app opens when you dou­ble-click an MP3 file. Right-click one and choose Get Info, select some­thing other than iTunes from the ‘Open with’ menu, and then click the ‘Change All…’ but­ton to make it the new de­fault. Un­for­tu­nately, you might need to re­peat this ev­ery time you up­date OS X – I don’t think there’s any way around that.

If you don’t like iTunes you can change the de­fault app for mu­sic, but not re­move it com­pletely.

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