Siri Tips

Even if you know about Siri, you’ll find it can do much more than you thought

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Get Siri’s at­ten­tion, hands-free

This is a goodie: if your iOS de­vice is charg­ing, say­ing “Hey, Siri” will get Siri’s at­ten­tion and al­low you to is­sue an in­struc­tion with­out the usual short­cut of hold­ing down the Home but­ton. You don’t need to wait for the tell­tale sound ef­fect to be­gin your com­mand, ei­ther: “Hey Siri, text my wife” works. You might need to turn Hey Siri on: head to Set­tings > Gen­eral > Siri, and ac­ti­vate ‘Al­low “Hey Siri”’ to put Siri on full-time alert.

Stop burn­ing din­ner

Or­der­ing Siri to “set a timer for 10 min­utes” is a hands-free way of set­ting an alert that doesn’t in­volve the rig­ma­role of pick­ing up your phone, open­ing Con­trol Cen­tre, tap­ping the timer icon and choos­ing a du­ra­tion. Siri is full of use­ful short­cuts such as this: it’s quicker to ver­bally or­der Siri to “wake me up ev­ery day at 7am” than to tap your way through the alarm clock op­tions.

Make Siri bet­ter

You usu­ally don’t need to take great care when speak­ing to Siri, and it can un­der­stand rel­a­tively thick ac­cents. It’s also flex­i­ble when it comes to word­ing, so you don’t need to mem­o­rise ex­act phrases. If Siri misses some­thing, your best bet is to re­peat your­self more slowly, but if you have time, the small grey ‘tap to edit’ op­tion al­lows you to re­type your com­mand man­u­ally. Mak­ing cor­rec­tions like this will im­prove Siri’s ac­cu­racy.

Teach Siri to pro­nounce words cor­rectly

When it comes to less com­mon names, Siri can make a hash of pro­nounc­ing things. Telling it “That’s not how you say my wife’s name” will prompt Siri to ask you to say the name

If Siri’s mak­ing the same mis­take a lot, you can cor­rect the mis­taken words by typ­ing to guide it now and in the fu­ture.

Af­ter turn­ing on “Hey Siri” in Set­tings, you can con­trol your iOS de­vice with­out touch­ing it, as long as it’s charg­ing.

Use Siri to con­trol play­back rather than use the on-screen con­trols on the Lock screen or in the Mu­sic or Pod­casts apps.

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