Siri on the WATCH

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Siri is phe­nom­e­nally use­ful on the iPhone – but wait un­til you see it on the Ap­ple Watch. Whether you’ve got the 38mm or 42mm vari­ant, in­ter­act­ing di­rectly with the Watch’s screen can be fid­dly. Ef­fec­tive voice recog­ni­tion is es­sen­tial, and Siri can do plenty with­out hand­ing off to its host iPhone. Siri can do a few use­ful Watch-spe­cific tricks: you can en­quire about your ac­tiv­ity stats, for in­stance. You can also do mun­dane tasks fast: set­ting up cal­en­dar events and ap­point­ments can be done ver­bally, as well as jobs such as lo­ca­tion-spe­cific re­minders (“Re­mind me to buy cof­fee when I get to Waitrose”, for ex­am­ple). You can also send text mes­sages and start voice calls. Get­ting Siri’s at­ten­tion is sim­ple: just hold down the Watch’s Dig­i­tal Crown un­til Siri re­sponds, or you can raise the watch as if you were go­ing to use its touch­screen and in­stead say “Hey Siri”.

Siri is an in­dis­pens­able aid to cre­at­ing cal­en­dar events and re­minders on the Ap­ple Watch.

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