ColorS­nap­per 2

Get rid of those in­con­sis­tent blues with this colour pick­ing app

Mac Format - - RATED -

£7.99 De­vel­oper Alexan­der Dan­mayer, colors­nap­

Re­quires OS X 10.9 or higher

ColorS­nap­per 2 is es­sen­tially a glo­ri­fied eye drop­per that sits in the menu bar and lets you sam­ple colours from any app or im­age on screen to use in other con­texts. Sim­ply pick your cho­sen colour with the mag­ni­fier and it ei­ther gives you val­ues as a handy over­lay or saves it to a pop-up pal­ette, where you can choose how to use your se­lected colour; colours can be ex­ported in var­i­ous for­mats, from hex val­ues for cod­ing to RGB val­ues for CSS, or sent straight to Il­lus­tra­tor or Pho­to­shop.

The main new fea­ture in this ver­sion is Hi-Pre­ci­sion mode which en­ables sam­pling at a zoomed-in, pixel-per­fect level. Hold ≈ while pick­ing your colour and it drills right down to the finest de­tail, which is great on Retina dis­plays (but just as use­ful on stan­dard res­o­lu­tions), as it slows the cur­sor speed down to en­sure ul­ti­mate ac­cu­racy.

Once you have se­lected a colour, the main pal­ette dis­ap­pears, which is great for dis­cre­tion. How­ever, col­lect­ing a suite of colours in one go can be frus­trat­ing, as you have to re­call the pal­ette ev­ery time.

Com­monly-used colours can be saved us­ing the favourites func­tion or tweaked us­ing the Colour Spec­trum op­tions. Apart from your favourites, there’s no way to col­lect groups of colours to­gether (for ex­am­ple, to cre­ate a colour scheme) in the way you might in Pho­to­shop or Il­lus­tra­tor, so ColorS­nap­per does not com­pletely re­place some of these apps’ func­tions.

In terms of the app’s ac­cu­racy, colours are con­verted from your mon­i­tor pro­file to sRGB for con­sis­tency, and we no­ticed no ob­vi­ous colour shift dur­ing our tests – colours se­lected re­tained the val­ues we ex­pected. Alex Thomas

An easy-to-use yet in­cred­i­bly ver­sa­tile tool for sam­pling colours. An es­sen­tial ad­di­tion to any dig­i­tal de­signer’s tool­kit.

Hi-pre­ci­sion mode for ex­tra ac­cu­racy

Can be used with any Mac app

Ex­port colours in var­i­ous for­mats

Lim­ited sav­ing and fil­ter­ing op­tions

ColorS­nap­per’s mag­ni­fier gives you the val­ues of any colour on screen in a handy over­lay.

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