Fiendish fac­tory ar­range­ment in this chal­leng­ing 3D puz­zle game

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Re­quires OS X 10.9 or higher, 2.0GHz pro­ces­sor

You’ve been ab­ducted by aliens for whom you now must build con­veyor belts that will au­to­mate the as­sem­bly of what­ever your over­lords need. Infinifactory’s nar­ra­tive is light, re­vealed mostly in au­dio ‘fail­ure logs’ found on the corpses of other ab­ductees. It’s re­ally an ex­cuse for the real draw: puzzles.

Each puz­zle is a self-con­tained space with one or more in­puts that pro­duce a steady sup­ply of a cer­tain kind of block, and one or more de­sired out­puts built from ev­er­more com­plex com­bi­na­tions of these blocks. At first, this re­quires lit­tle more than a chain of con­veyor belts, but soon you’ll be con­struct­ing com­plex ma­chines that push, ro­tate, and lift com­po­nents into place.

Puzzles are 3D and can re­quire a lot of mov­ing and ro­tat­ing things to make them fit. Of­ten you’ll find your­self float­ing above the space star­ing at it for ages as you try to men­tally plot a so­lu­tion, but the more dif­fi­cult puzzles re­quire trial and er­ror. You’ll need to re­mem­ber smaller so­lu­tions as your ma­chines will be­come sprawl­ing, cob­bled to­gether from these pat­terns.

An in­fi­nite al­lowance of blocks re­moves the abil­ity found in sim­i­lar games to be guided to the ‘cor­rect’ so­lu­tion. Here, many so­lu­tions are pos­si­ble, and your only per­for­mance met­ric is charts af­ter puzzles, which com­pare you with friends. Solv­ing those puzzles is ex­tremely sat­is­fy­ing, though. Jor­dan Erica Web­ber

Mul­ti­ple so­lu­tions to puzzles

The puzzles’ level of free­dom has you floun­der­ing at first but leaves you feel­ing like a ge­nius on com­ple­tion.

Com­pare your­self to friends

A light, funny nar­ra­tive

Some puzzles re­quire leg­work

When your cre­ations start look­ing like this, you’ve re­ally got to con­cen­trate.

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