You Must Build a Boat

And you must play this game — be­cause it’s re­ally very good in­deed

Mac Format - - RATED -

£2.29 De­vel­oper EightyEight Games,

Works with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Ver­sion 1.0.1617

You Must Build A Boat glee­fully mashes the end­less run­ner and match-three puz­zle gen­res with plenty of good-na­tured hu­mour to make one of the most com­pelling iOS games avail­able.

At the top of the screen, your lit­tle fel­low sprints for his life. On reach­ing a trap, lock or ad­ver­sary, you match tiles from the grid be­low; say, a key to un­lock a trea­sure chest, or swords to get all stabby. It’s all about care­ful tim­ing, a mod­icum of plan­ning and more than a lit­tle luck.

Get pushed off the left side of the screen by mess­ing up too of­ten and it’s game over. You can’t lose, though. In­stead, you merely count your spoils from the previous run, which en­able you to power up your weaponry and even­tu­ally build a boat.

Per­haps sur­pris­ingly, the game is fi­nite, but it takes days to reach the end, re­quir­ing de­vo­tion rarely seen in ‘time at­tack’ ti­tles, yet we en­joyed ev­ery minute. Craig Gran­nell

A su­perb mash-up of end­less run­ner and match puz­zler that should ap­peal to vet­er­ans and ca­sual gamers alike.

Deal­ing dou­ble dam­age by get­ting four tiles in a row! Five nets even big­ger prizes.

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