Tac­ti­cal, ter­ri­to­rial word war­fare

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In Cap­i­tals, two teams try to cap­ture each other’s ter­ri­tory. Each starts with a hexag­o­nal cap­i­tal tile, sur­rounded by let­ters. You can use any let­ter, even those along your en­emy’s bor­der, to spell a word that ex­tends your ter­ri­tory. Tiles be­come yours if they form a chain back to another of your colour.

The chal­lenge lies in main­tain­ing a buf­fer around your cap­i­tal while stab­bing deep to reach the en­emy’s heart­land. Cau­tion is needed be­cause your op­po­nent can win in three turns by tak­ing your cap­i­tal, which grants another move right away.

The game is thin on op­tions: only two play­ers can duke it out, and the board size is fixed. Cap­i­tals is free, but with a lim­ited num­ber of ‘lives’ that re­plen­ish over time, en­abling you to start more games. It’s worth £3.99 to re­move that limit if you’re a fan of both Strate­gery and Scrabble. Alan Stone­bridge

A sim­ple strate­gic word game, yet the bal­ance of power can shift so quickly that it’s a game to savour.

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