The ‘aw’ in dun­geon crawler

Mac Format - - RATED -

£7.99 De­vel­oper Free­hold Games, free­holdgames.com

Works with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Ver­sion 1.2.8

Sprog­gi­wood is a cute, ir­rev­er­ent and sur­pris­ingly well writ­ten dun­geon crawler, sadly let down by the ran­dom­ness of its dun­geons. Hav­ing to re-level each time you en­ter a new dun­geon can make for a dif­fi­cult, if not im­pos­si­ble, sit­u­a­tion. When the go­ing is good, it can be great to hack and slash through hordes.

You can equip looted gear and spend gold in a shop that’s part of a self-suf­fi­cient dun­geon-based econ­omy led by a morally ques­tion­able sprite named Sproggi, your guide and sort-of boss.

Sprog­gi­wood is sat­is­fy­ingly pacey, with sev­eral lev­els and chests in each dun­geon, and dif­fer­ent boss bat­tles each time. But it feels un­bal­anced when ran­domly gen­er­ated foes are over­pow­ered.

Va­ri­ety makes the game feel like value for money, the story is sweet, and en­e­mies stay fresh. If you’re the type to replay for the best score, this will last a while. Kate Gray

Well ex­e­cuted and un­afraid of fun. Not hugely orig­i­nal, but a sat­is­fy­ing dun­geon crawler.

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