Mole­sk­ine Timepage

Bring a touch of the el­e­gance of Mole­sk­ine’s note­books to iOS

Mac Format - - RATED -

£3.99 De­vel­oper Mole­sk­ine, mole­sk­

Works with iPhone, iPod touch, Ap­ple Watch Ver­sion 1.02

Mole­sk­ine can’t claim this app is in­spired by some­thing used by the likes of Hem­ing­way, as it does with the note­books that made its name, yet their in­flu­ence is vis­i­ble here. Timepage is a cal­en­dar app that’s more than a place to record meet­ings and set re­minders.

The key to it is the sin­gle scrolling view that acts as your di­ary. There’s no week or month view here, just an end­less stream of days, marked with the date, and the month and year stamped ver­ti­cally along­side. Swipe up and down over the days to move be­tween them, or swipe over the month to move to the next one. Tap on a day to see it in de­tail and tap again to add an en­try. The day view also dis­plays weather fore­casts, which you can tap and hold to see hourly pre­dicted rain­fall.

You can add Google, Ex­change and iCloud cal­en­dars, and tog­gle vis­i­bil­ity of in­di­vid­ual cal­en­dars. When you type a name in an event, Timepage sug­gests peo­ple from your Con­tacts – though it didn’t al­ways find who we wanted.

While you can set ap­point­ments to re­peat, there’s no ‘ev­ery week­day’ op­tion. The Watch app shows each day at a glance, and you can tap for event, lo­ca­tion and weather de­tails.

Timepage may not be the most pow­er­ful cal­en­dar app around, but it’s one of the most el­e­gant and a joy to use. Kenny Hem­phill

Beau­ti­ful to look at, easy to use, and with a novel in­ter­face, Timepage is a won­der­ful way to keep a di­ary.

Timepage’s day view is as in­for­ma­tive as it is el­e­gant.

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