Take Me There

Favourite lo­ca­tions for three apps

Mac Format - - RATED -

Free De­vel­oper De­vel­op­ing Per­spec­tive, david-smith.org

Works with iPhone, Ap­ple Watch Ver­sion 1.0.1

This app acts as a short­cut list to lo­ca­tions you visit of­ten. It lets you plot di­rec­tions to any of them us­ing Ap­ple Maps, Google Maps or Waze – handy if you know one is bet­ter for a par­tic­u­lar place or mode of travel. You can cus­tomise any com­bi­na­tion of those apps to be of­fered when you re­quest di­rec­tions to a place.

Your favour­ited lo­ca­tions are listed on the app’s open­ing screen, each with a pre­view of its map lo­ca­tion, an ed­itable name, and a ‘GO’ but­ton. The app se­lects map pre­views au­to­mat­i­cally and you can’t ad­just them – or re­place them with a photo, which would be a use­ful vis­ual aid for quick se­lec­tion. It’s also in­con­ve­nient that you must pre­cisely tap ‘GO’ to get started, rather than any­where on a lo­ca­tion’s row.

The Watch app is ac­ces­si­ble from that de­vice’s Home screen, not as a Glance, and works only with Ap­ple Maps. You may well end­ing up us­ing Siri for speed in­stead. Alan Stone­bridge

We ap­pre­ci­ate what Take Me There aims to do, but in prac­tice it is an un­der­de­vel­oped af­fair.

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