Cal­i­brate your dis­play’s colour

Make sure your screen is ac­cu­rate by cre­at­ing a ColorSync pro­file each month

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Are you sure your Mac’s screen is work­ing prop­erly? If you do any­thing with colour, even mak­ing ba­sic im­age ad­just­ments in the Photos app, you need to know you’re see­ing things as they re­ally are. Even if your screen was set up per­fectly in the past, its per­for­mance will drift over time and end up mis­lead­ing you. ColorSync pro­files help your Mac know about any de­fi­cien­cies of your screen so it can ad­just what’s sent to the dis­play to com­pen­sate. This doesn’t al­ter your im­ages, just the data that goes to your screen, giv­ing you more pre­dictable, trustable re­sults when you print or share im­ages, video and other files.

Cal­i­brat­ing your screen and cre­at­ing a ColorSync pro­file is quick and easy, but it’s some­thing we all for­get to do. We’ll show you how to do this to a ba­sic level us­ing OS X’s built-in Dis­play Cal­i­bra­tor As­sis­tant, and how to use Dat­a­Color’s Spy­der5 cal­i­bra­tion tool to pro­duce a more pre­cise, re­li­able pro­file. The end re­sult shouldn’t be dra­matic (well, not un­less your screen was dis­as­trously bad to be­gin with), but the peace of mind this brings is tremen­dous. Keith Martin

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