Al­fred the Great?

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As a new sub­scriber to MacFor­mat’s print edi­tion, which I’m en­joy­ing hugely, I think your Spotlight ar­ti­cle ( MF291) was very ap­po­site. I have re­cently in­stalled Al­fred (al­fredapp. com), a pro­duc­tiv­ity app for OS X, on my MacBook Pro. Yes, it does Spotlight, only much bet­ter, and a whole load of other stuff be­sides. It all be­comes sec­ond na­ture as it quickly at­tunes it­self to one’s Mac us­age (file‑search­ing, app-launch­ing, etc) from a few key­board strokes. The dock has gone into hid­ing and the track­pad… now, where is that?

You will be aware of Al­fred’s ex­is­tence, but for the ben­e­fit of any read­ers who are not, I would strongly rec­om­mend they check it out! The app will speed up their days and greatly in­crease the fun quo­tient of their Macs. The latest ver­sion (2.7.2) is free

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