IPad Post-its?

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I love the mag­a­zine and es­pe­cially the iPad ver­sion, sub­scrib­ing for three years now. The only frus­trat­ing thing is remembering ar­ti­cles and be­ing able to find them again quickly amongst the plethora of is­sues. So my sug­ges­tion would be to in­clude some way of be­ing able to book­mark or tag a cer­tain ar­ti­cle for fu­ture ref­er­ence – al­most like a pin or a Post-it note. Greg White­ley Paul Blach­ford says… We like this idea, Greg, but at present that’s not pos­si­ble. Fea­tures are con­stantly be­ing added to our soft­ware though so we may one day be able to in­cor­po­rate that.

Don’t for­get that you can use the Page Fin­der in each is­sue (tap the arrow at the bot­tom, then the top-right icon), or search back is­sues from the app’s Li­brary tab.

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