Chang­ing track num­ber­ing in iTunes

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Af­ter start­ing the Ap­ple Mu­sic trial, a lot of my iTunes li­brary has been messed up. I have man­aged to get most of the al­bum art back but I have a lot of com­pi­la­tion al­bums that I have renum­bered to change the track or­der. I can change this back by man­u­ally edit­ing each track num­ber but it will take a long time to do. Is there a way to au­to­mate this, so I can just se­lect an ar­bi­trary num­ber of tracks on the al­bum and have them num­bered from one to what­ever? Keith Dar­row If you want to cre­ate a new track or­der from an ex­ist­ing al­bum, I think a playlist is a bet­ter so­lu­tion, since it doesn’t in­ter­fere with the ex­ist­ing meta­data of your tracks and there­fore doesn’t risk get­ting over­writ­ten the next time iTunes de­cides the ver­sion in the cloud is canon­i­cal.

How­ever, if you in­sist on ar­rang­ing tracks by mod­i­fy­ing meta­data, you can use Ap­pleScript to achieve this. In Au­toma­tor, cre­ate a Ser­vice and add the Run Ap­pleScript ac­tion to it and en­ter a script like this ex­am­ple: tell ap­pli­ca­tion "iTunes" set my­tracks to se­lec­tion set n to 1 re­peat with this­track in my­tracks set track num­ber of this­track

to n set n to n + 1 end re­peat end tell

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