There’s no ad­min­is­tra­tor ac­count on my Mac!

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I’ve bought a sec­ond-hand iMac through a friend of a friend. Nat­u­rally, the Mac came com­pletely re­set (it is run­ning Mav­er­icks) but the only user ac­count on there seems to be an or­di­nary ac­count, not one with ad­min­is­tra­tor ac­cess. How can I add an ad­min ac­count with­out hav­ing ad­min priv­i­leges? Will I have to re­in­stall ev­ery­thing from scratch? I don’t have the OS X discs! Jeremy Lin­ton There aren’t any OS X discs any­more. If you need to re­in­stall, you’ll do it us­ing the re­cov­ery par­ti­tion and the App Store. But you don’t need ei­ther to fix this. Restart your iMac with ç+s held down. This puts the Mac into ‘sin­gle-user mode’ which gives you full ac­cess to the fil­ing sys­tem. Now mount the drive by typ­ing at the com­mand prompt. Next you need to trick OS X into show­ing you the Setup As­sis­tant again, which you do by mak­ing it think that the OS hasn’t com­pleted its orig­i­nal in­stall. The com­mand

deletes the file that OS X uses as a marker for this. When you restart your Mac, you’ll ar­rive at the welcome screen that you nor­mally only see on a new Mac or a fresh in­stall. This en­ables you to cre­ate a new ad­min user ac­count (you must make sure it is a new user ac­count name, not one that al­ready ex­ists). You can use this ad­min ac­count to change or cre­ate any oth­ers as you wish.

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