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My fa­ther has an iPhone 4 which used to be mine and I gave to him af­ter I up­graded to the iPhone 6. Yesterday I got a text from him say­ing “Can’t talk now – On my way.” This was out of the blue and he wasn’t on his way to any­thing. He is al­ready very ner­vous of online se­cu­rity and has de­cided that some­one else has ac­cess to his phone ac­count and may be able to send texts us­ing his credit so he is re­fus­ing to top it up. Is that pos­si­ble? How can I re­as­sure him? Jayne Bis­ley Were you by any chance try­ing to call him at the time? This mes­sage is one of the pre­de­fined re­sponses that iOS sup­plies when you de­cline an in­com­ing call with a text. If his phone was locked at the time, it would have been even eas­ier to do by ac­ci­dent, be­cause there is no big green Ac­cept but­ton – just the ‘slide to an­swer’ and the Mes­sage but­ton above it. Par­tic­u­larly for some­one un­used to touch­screens, or smart­phones in gen­eral, I can imag­ine it might be easy for them to ac­ci­den­tally send a text mes­sage in­stead of an­swer­ing the call. As for re­as­sur­ing him, it’s prob­a­bly just a ques­tion of show­ing him how this fea­ture works. No one else can use his phone to make calls or send texts re­motely, but even if they could, they wouldn’t use it to send a point­less tem­plate mes­sage to you.

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