Sat­e­chi F3 Smart Mon­i­tor Stand

Raise your Mac’s dis­play to a more com­fort­able view­ing level

Mac Format - - RATED - Man­u­fac­turer Sat­e­chi, sat­e­ Con­nec­tiv­ity 4x USB 3.0 in­puts, 1x USB 3.0 out­put (to Mac), 3.5mm passthrough ports for mi­cro­phone and head­phones

Not con­tent to just hold your iMac, this com­fort­ably wide (21.7x9.1 in – about as wide as a 21.5-inch iMac) mon­i­tor stand aims to make it more con­ve­nient to use. There are four USB 3.0 ports on the front, so it’s easy to at­tach a USB stick or plug in your phone for charg­ing. Just con­nect the pro­vided USB ca­ble from the stand’s rear to your iMac (or other com­puter of choice) to get go­ing. It also has passthroughs for 3.5mm mic and head­phone jacks (again, ca­bles are pro­vided), though in the case of the iMac this can be of lim­ited use, since cur­rent mod­els only of­fer a sin­gle port for both.

The stand doesn’t have its own power sup­ply, so if you con­nect sev­eral things, you might find they charge a bit slowly – not a huge prob­lem, but some­thing to be aware of. The stand it­self is plas­tic along the top, with alu­minum legs. It looks bet­ter in photos than in the flesh, sadly, but it’s far from ugly – just quite pla­s­ticky. Ours had a bit of con­cern­ing wob­ble when we placed our iMac on it, but seemed per­fectly sturdy af­ter that – we never wor­ried about the iMac fall­ing off. It stands rea­son­ably high off the desk, with plenty of space to fit a Mac mini un­der it, as well as most ex­ter­nal hard drives (when kept on their sides, at least). Matt Bolton

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