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Mac Format - - RATED - £50 Man­u­fac­turer Ther­mal­take, tte­s­

3 This iOS game con­troller is full-size, like those for Xbox One or PS4. A flip-up clip holds an iPhone or iPod touch, but it didn’t fold back enough for us; when our hold or line of sight was good, the other be­came awk­ward.

Oth­er­wise, it’s pretty good to use. It feels solid and is a nice weight (yet a phone makes the back a bit hefty). Its face but­tons feel crisp in ac­tion. The ana­log sticks are fairly stiff, but give good feed­back. It’s hard to feel di­rec­tion from the d-pad, mak­ing pre­ci­sion hard. The ana­log shoul­der but­tons are a lit­tle on the soft side, with fairly short travel. Matt Bolton

A good con­troller, but it’s a bet­ter clip and some d-pad feed­back away from be­ing a great one. Still worth buy­ing, though.

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