Grif­fin watchs­tand

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When we first saw this ef­fort from Grif­fin we were put off by its joy­stick-like de­sign. It’s also far taller than the oth­ers and looks un­gainly. But with the Watch in place we warmed to it over time. It’s a solid stand and is the only ex­tend­able one here. The all-plas­tic body didn’t bother us and it didn’t feel cheap.

We also liked the fact you can use the front as an iPhone stand too, a bit like the Or­zly, but it’s far more sub­tle and just as use­ful.

The WatchS­tand’s best fea­ture is how it holds the Watch. Be­cause it’s so tall you just un­fas­ten a strap, like the Sport band, and drape the bot­tom part of the strap down­wards. If you want the watch to be hor­i­zon­tal you can ro­tate it easily and it holds firm with the charg­ing ca­ble’s mag­net.

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