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Mac Format - - RATED - Devel­oper De­nis Kra­sulin, zeitnote.com OS X 10.10 or higher Seems to be pretty ac­cu­rate

Mak­ing an app un­com­pli­cated and sim­ple is usu­ally a smart move, but some­times a devel­oper can take things a bit too far. This is the feel­ing we get with ZeitNote, which pares per­sonal time track­ing to the bone.

The ba­sic con­cept is fine, though not unique on OS X; you fire up the app (or just add it to your lo­gin items for best re­sults), and ZeitNote tracks the ones you use and how much time you spend in them. ZeitNote’s devel­oper points out there aren’t re­ally any ways to ‘cheat’ the app, but then if you feel the need to cheat, you prob­a­bly shouldn’t be us­ing ZeitNote or any of its con­tem­po­raries any­way.

As long as you’ve spent over a minute in an app, you’ll get feed­back from ZeitNote, pre­sented in­side a win­dow avail­able from the menu bar. Click on the ZeitNote icon and you see a bar chart that shows the apps you’ve used, and how long you used each of them. Un­der­neath you’ll find a sin­gle line rep­re­sent­ing the en­tire day (run­ning from mid­night to mid­night). White ar­eas de­note ac­tive times on the Mac, and a faded line in­di­cates the Mac was idle or asleep at that time. Se­lect any of the apps in the chart and its us­age is then dis­played over the afore­men­tioned line. ZeitNote is easy to use, and although it’s not es­pe­cially beau­ti­ful, there’s enough clar­ity where it mat­ters.

And that’s about it. You can click left and right ar­rows to view data from other dates, although you can’t jump straight to a spe­cific day. More frus­trat­ingly, there’s no means of ex­port­ing your data. For per­sonal time­keep­ing on a purely at-a-glance ba­sis, this is fine, not least given the app’s low price tag. How­ever, it would be good to have ac­cess to trends about your app us­age within ZeitNote, or at least the means to get at the data it records, so that it can be ex­am­ined and ex­plored else­where. Craig Grannell

ZeitNote is not a bad op­tion for per­sonal time track­ing, but it could do with more scope re­gard­ing col­lected data.

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