Race the Sun

Spoiler: the sun wins

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The thing about end­less run­ners is they’re badly named. You usu­ally reach a very sud­den end. Good ex­am­ples like this one do a great job at giv­ing you in­cen­tive to keep try­ing.

You’re in a so­lar-pow­ered ves­sel and the sun is go­ing down, so you’re rac­ing to­ward the hori­zon to stay in its light. The closer to the left or right edge of the screen you touch, the sharper you steer in that di­rec­tion. Ob­sta­cles start off fairly sparse and sta­tion­ary, but grow more com­plex and mo­bile. Avoid them or it’s all over. Their shad­ows grow longer and more dense as the sun sets, slow­ing your pace.

The worlds are vast, and you play each one for a day, learn­ing where choke points are and try­ing dif­fer­ent routes. The next day you en­ter a new world, which bal­ances gain­ing fa­mil­iar­ity to go for high scores with va­ri­ety. You can level up your craft too, which adds to the game’s longevity. Matt Bolton

A smartly made and fun end­less game, though it’s best once sev­eral of its se­crets are un­locked.

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