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Find out who’s call­ing with­out look­ing at your phone

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Give your­self a way to tell what your iPhone is telling you about even when it’s pock­eted

One very use­ful thing about the Ap­ple Watch is be­ing able to see who is cal­lling with­out pulling your iPhone out of a pocket. How­ever, your iPhone is al­ready equipped to help you with this. You can com­ple­ment the abil­ity to as­sign tones – built into iOS, down­loaded from the iTunes Store, or cre­ated us­ing GarageBand – with vi­bra­tion pat­terns to in­di­cate the type of event the phone wants to draw at­ten­tion to.

iOS comes with a bunch of pre­de­fined vi­bra­tion pat­terns, which might be all you need. If you find your­self mak­ing ex­ten­sive use of the fea­ture, you can make your own pat­terns just by tap­ping on the screen. Either way, vi­bra­tions can be set to oc­cur when the mute switch is en­gaged, when it’s off – or both!

Like sound ef­fects, pat­terns can be as­signed to com­mon events – in­com­ing calls or texts, new email, cal­en­dar and re­minder alerts and more – but that’s not all. If you have spe­cific peo­ple whose calls or text mes­sages you re­ally don’t want to miss, such as your boss or im­me­di­ate fam­ily mem­bers, you don’t need an Ap­ple Watch to give you a gen­tle nudge be­cause your iPhone en­ables you to as­sign vi­bra­tion pat­terns to in­di­vid­ual con­tacts too. Alan Stone­bridge

You don’t need an Ap­ple Watch to get nudged when some­one calls or texts you

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