Wake up with an alarm

Af­ter a lit­tle late-night read­ing, use your iPad to rouse you from slum­ber…

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Put your iPad to good use by mak­ing sure you wake up on time for work

The Clock app is ca­pa­ble of do­ing much more than just telling you the time – af­ter all, you can see that at the top of the screen in most places in iOS. The app also has stop­watch and timer func­tions, but it’s the alarm clock fea­ture we’re go­ing to talk about.

Like an old-school alarm clock, the app can wake you with a blar­ing klaxon, yet it also lets you wake to far more sooth­ing sounds if you pre­fer to start the day with a lit­tle less of a fright. New tones can be bought from the iTunes Store (which you can then use as sounds for other iPad fea­tures, such as FaceTime), or you can use any of the songs you’ve down­loaded to the Mu­sic app, or synced from iTunes on your com­puter. How­ever, songs will play from their be­gin­ning; to choose a spe­cific seg­ment of a song, im­port it into GarageBand to trim and ex­port the range you want to hear.

When an alarm sounds, you can get nine ex­tra min­utes of rest by tap­ping the screen or us­ing the iPad’s phys­i­cal vol­ume con­trols. And you can use Siri to check, set and even delete alarms. Alan Stone­bridge

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