What’s heart got to do with it?

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I signed up for the free Ap­ple Mu­sic trial on my iMac and so far I quite like it. How­ever, I don’t un­der­stand the ‘heart’ but­ton. If I click it, I ex­pect to be able to see a list of songs I have pre­vi­ously ‘hearted’, so I can find the stuff I like. There isn’t even a re­cently played list! Adam Bee­ston That but­ton tells Ap­ple Mu­sic what you like, so that it can re­fine its sug­ges­tions in the ‘For You’ tab. But I agree, it’s ridicu­lous. I’d much rather have a tab called Favourites than Con­nect, which I never use. How­ever, there is a his­tory func­tion. click­ing the icon in the sta­tus area that looks like a bul­let-point list shows the Up Next list. Click­ing the clock icon there changes the list to Pre­vi­ously Played. There are lots of things I still don’t like about this. Up Next and Pre­vi­ously Played are, con­fus­ingly, sorted in re­verse or­der from one an­other, and nei­ther shows the cur­rent track to help ori­en­tate you. But iTunes has al­ways played fast and loose with the rules of good de­sign.

To show a com­plete list of all your favour­ited tracks, cre­ate a Smart Playlist by chooisng File > New > Smart Playlist, then set a sin­gle rule that matches tracks where ‘Loved’ is set to true.

The his­tory icon in iTunes is hard to find and doesn’t work the same way as in iOS’s Mu­sic app.

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