True Im­age Cloud

Get un­lim­ited on­line back­ups – pro­vided you have the pa­tience

Mac Format - - RATED -

Acro­nis True Im­age Cloud of­fers both lo­cal and cloud-based backup in a sin­gle prod­uct. It’s sim­ple, easy to use and set up, and smart – par­tic­u­larly when sav­ing back­ups lo­cally. But Acro­nis would pre­fer you pay for a costly cloud-based sub­scrip­tion too, with its en­try level prod­uct sup­port­ing one Mac and three mobile de­vices, in­clud­ing your iPad and iPhone, with un­lim­ited backup space.

You can choose to back up an en­tire hard drive or se­lect a spe­cific folder, then opt whether to save your backup to a lo­cal or net­work drive, or use the cloud stor­age plan. If you choose the lat­ter, the app will de­tect fold­ers from other cloud providers and of­fer to ig­nore th­ese to shrink the backup. Still, even with th­ese fold­ers re­moved, it’s likely you’ll be back­ing up tens or even hun­dreds of gi­ga­bytes, which could take weeks to com­plete. Later in­cre­men­tal back­ups are quicker, but you’re bet­ter served back­ing up lo­cally first.

We like the lo­cal backup sys­tem – it’s rel­a­tively fast and there’s more flex­i­bil­ity than us­ing Time Ma­chine. But de­spite some nifty op­tions – like an archive func­tion for stor­ing large files per­ma­nently in the cloud to free up space lo­cally – the cloud backup is slow and too ex­pen­sive, even with un­lim­ited space. You’re bet­ter off buy­ing True Im­age 2016 on its own (just £34.95) and pair­ing it with your ex­ist­ing cloud provider for back­ing up per­sonal data only. Nick Peers

True Im­age Cloud lets you back up your Mac or se­lected fold­ers lo­cally and on­line.

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