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How easy are the apps to use?

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Break­ing is sim­ple: swipe the No­ti­fi­ca­tions area out to read, swipe back to get rid of it again. Click­ing or tap­ping a head­line opens it in Sa­fari and op­tion­ally in Read­abil­, and scrolling makes the text over­write it­self to make every­thing un­read­able.

Daily’s sin­gle scrolling win­dow goes semi-trans­par­ent when it isn’t the fo­cus – but it re­mains on top of other win­dows, so if you click them Daily reap­pears. That’s an­noy­ing.

Pulp is like a news­pa­per, with a wooden shelf to which you drag things you want to read later. Click­ing a story gives it most of the win­dow, and Magic Reader at­tempts to turn part-ar­ti­cles into full ones with­out for­mat­ting.

Leaf, NetNewsWire and Read­Kit take a more tra­di­tional ap­proach with feeds and their contents in side­bars and the cur­rent ar­ti­cle in the main win­dow. NetNewsWire sup­ple­ments this with tabs that keep ar­ti­cles open while you browse feeds. Leaf and Read­Kit also of­fer clut­ter-free views that re­move items such as in­line ad­verts from feeds.

Pulp is un­like any­thing else here, tak­ing feeds and show­ing them news­pa­per-style.

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