A new look for Notes

Make notes that con­tain al­most any­thing, in­clud­ing check­lists, on­line re­search and voice memos

Mac Format - - 75 EL CAPITAN TIPS -

El Cap­i­tan’s re­vised Notes app en­ables you to add al­most any kind of file to your notes 8>. You can even add au­dio and video files di­rectly in­side a note, and play them back there too. 9> A neat trick is to record au­dio notes in Quick­Time and at­tach them to notes. They show a play but­ton, and they work on iOS.

The At­tach­ments Browser en­ables you to view ev­ery file and piece of me­dia you’ve at­tached to your notes. This makes it easy to find things vis­ually. The browser’s tabs en­able you to switch be­tween view­ing doc­u­ments, pho­tos and videos, sketches, maps, web­sites, and au­dio. 10> Click an item to se­lect it and then press the space­bar to pre­view it in a Quick Look win­dow, or dou­ble-click to open it in an ap­pro­pri­ate app.

11> You can add a lo­ca­tion di­rectly from the Maps app to a note. Click the Share but­ton then choose Notes. The Share sheet of­fers a choice of adding the lo­ca­tion you’re look­ing at to a new note or an ex­ist­ing one. You can add items from many other apps from the Share menu too, in­clud­ing web pages from Sa­fari, which dis­play the page ti­tle, the site ad­dress, a two-line sum­mary and an icon or an im­age from the page. The Quick Look and dou­ble-click short­cuts work on maps and web­sites, too.

12> You can style the text in your notes us­ing a range of pre­de­fined text styles: Ti­tle, Head­ing and Body, as well as three dif­fer­ent types of lists: bul­leted, num­bered and dashed. Th­ese styles make the app a far more ef­fec­tive tool for struc­tur­ing long notes, mak­ing them an eas­ier read.

13> Click the but­ton that shows a tick in a cir­cle and a cir­cle will ap­pear at the start of the para­graph you’re edit­ing. This en­ables you to add a check­list of items, just like you can in Re­minders. Each time you press , a new item is added to the list. To stop adding items, add an empty line and press once more.

One slight dis­ap­point­ment is the lack of sketch fa­cil­ity in the Mac ver­sion of Notes. In iOS 9 you can draw sketches in Notes, but on OS X you can’t cre­ate or edit them; dou­bleclick­ing a sketch opens it in Pre­view as a non-editable

14> Deleted notes are now moved to a Re­cently Deleted folder rather than be­ing wiped im­me­di­ately. You aren’t prompted to con­firm ‘dele­tion’; press­ing ∫ or the but­ton that shows a trash can moves a note to Re­cently Deleted, from which it’s per­ma­nently deleted af­ter 30 days. 15> Like in Mail, a long swipe left while the pointer is over a note in the list will delete it.

16> If the ‘On My Mac’ ac­count in the folder list is re­du­dant for you be­cause all of your notes are synced to iCloud, it can be hid­den from Notes’ ap­pli­ca­tion menu.

The abil­ity to add files, links and check­lists to the stock Notes app, and sync us­ing iCloud, might tempt you back from Ever­note.

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