Win­dow man­age­ment

Man­ag­ing win­dows and full-screen apps is eas­ier than ever with El Cap­i­tan’s en­hanced ver­sion of Mis­sion Con­trol

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Ap­ple has rein­tro­duced a more help­ful lay­out as a de­fault set­ting for Mis­sion Con­trol. Win­dows are now spread out, with no over­laps, rather than stacked up ac­cord­ing to the app they be­long to, mak­ing it eas­ier to find the one you want. 21> You can re­turn to hav­ing win­dows stacked up (Yosemite’s de­fault) by turn­ing on ‘Group win­dows by ap­pli­ca­tion’ in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > Mis­sion Con­trol.

22> A new ges­ture for open­ing Mis­sion Con­trol cuts the num­ber of steps for mov­ing a win­dow to a new space; try drag­ging it past the top of the screen.

The Spa­ces bar at the top of the screen has changed to ini­tially dis­play only the names of your desk­tops and full-screen apps. This gives more space for the win­dow pre­views be­low. Mov­ing the pointer up to the top of the screen re­veals graph­i­cal pre­views of each space, as does drag­ging a win­dow.

As in pre­vi­ous ver­sions of OS X, drop­ping a win­dow onto an­other desk­top moves it there. How­ever, there are sub­tle changes to what hap­pens when you drop a win­dow onto empty spa­ces or full-screen apps in the bar.

23> Pre­vi­ously, drop­ping a win­dow onto an empty area would make a new desk­top and move it there. Now you must ex­plic­itly drag it to the space that slides in at the right of the bar, marked with a +, be­cause El Cap­i­tan re­serves the empty ar­eas for an­other pur­pose. 24> Drag a win­dow be­long­ing to an app that sup­ports full-screen mode over an empty part of the bar and a new space named af­ter that app to ap­pear, then let go to switch the win­dow to full-screen mode.

Sim­i­lar ac­tions work as a short­cut to Split View. 25> Merge two apps by drag­ging a win­dow or an app that’s al­ready in full-screen mode onto an­other full-screen app in the Spa­ces bar. As be­fore, plac­ing the pointer over a space and click either the cross down Con­trol en­ables you to re­move Spa­ces from Mis­sion Con­trol. Any win­dows that are in that space are moved to their pre­vi­ous desk­top.

Mis­sion Con­trol in Yosemite (top) cas­cades win­dows from the same app to­gether. In El Cap­i­tan (bot­tom), ev­ery win­dow gets a full pre­view. The Spa­ces bar has also been re­duced to give more space to app pre­views.

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