Power up Pho­tos

Your photo li­brary and editor packs more punch with third-party ex­ten­sions and geo­tag­ging

Mac Format - - 75 EL CAPITAN TIPS -

35> Ex­ten­sions

Pho­tos’ edit­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties take a big step for­ward with sup­port for ex­ten­sions, which en­able third-party de­vel­op­ers to make im­age-edit­ing tools from their own apps avail­able in­side Pho­tos (much like on iOS). This saves you ex­port­ing an im­age, edit­ing it else­where, and bring­ing it back into Pho­tos. Open a photo and click Edit > Ex­ten­sions > More to view those avail­able on your Mac. Ex­ten­sions are bun­dled with apps from the Mac App Store.

36> Faces and Self­ies and Screen­shots

Faces has an im­proved in­ter­face. Click Al­bums > Faces and you can now se­lect mul­ti­ple pho­tos (hold­ing ç to build a se­lec­tion) and then drag them onto a face in the mid­dle of the screen to iden­tify all of them as be­ing that per­son in one fell swoop. This greatly speeds up how quickly you can name peo­ple that the app iden­ti­fies in your pho­tos, and in the process you more quickly guide its iden­ti­fi­ca­tions in the fu­ture.

37> Man­u­ally at­tach lo­ca­tions

One of the great things about snap­ping pho­tos with an iPhone is ge­olo­ca­tion tag­ging, which lets you know where pho­tos were taken. Pho­tos now en­ables you to man­u­ally at­tach lo­ca­tion data to pho­tos that lack it, and mod­ify it on those that do. Se­lect an im­age and open the Info win­dow ( ç+I) and you’ll see a row la­belled As­sign a Lo­ca­tion at the bot­tom of it. Type a place name or post­code and pick one from the app’s sug­gested matches.

38> Batch re­nam­ing

In Yosemite, the app’s Info win­dow only en­abled key­words to be set on mul­ti­ple pho­tos at once, but in Pho­tos 1.1 you can si­mul­ta­ne­ously add the same ti­tle, de­scrip­tion and, of course, lo­ca­tion data for all pho­tos in your se­lec­tion. If you then choose to ex­port pho­tos that have the same ti­tle us­ing that ti­tle as their file­name, those past the first one will have a num­ber in brack­ets ap­pended to their name.

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