Surf­ing with Sa­fari

Si­lence noisy sites, stream on­line video to Ap­ple TV, pin open im­por­tant sites and much more!

Mac Format - - 75 EL CAPITAN TIPS -

We spend more time in Sa­fari than most other apps, so it’s fit­ting that Ap­ple’s web browser has re­ceived more new fea­tures than other app in El Cap­i­tan.

Prob­a­bly the most wel­come ad­di­tion is the abil­ity to mute the au­dio con­tent from a web­site. Sites are in­creas­ingly auto-play­ing video and hav­ing the ac­com­pa­ny­ing au­dio (usu­ally an ad­vert) blast­ing out from your Mac is ex­cru­ci­at­ingly an­noy­ing. Any tab that is play­ing au­dio dis­plays a blue speaker icon in the Smart Search field – filled in when the au­dio is com­ing from the cur­rent tab, and an out­line when it’s from an­other tab. 39> Click this blue icon and the sound from the cur­rent tab will be muted. Hold å when click­ing it to mute all other tabs. Be aware that mut­ing au­dio does not stop the video por­tion play­ing.

40> If you have mul­ti­ple tabs open, a small black au­dio icon ap­pears on the right-hand side of any that’s play­ing au­dio. Click­ing one of th­ese mutes that spe­cific tab, or you can hold å while click­ing to mute all other tabs.

41> Hold ≈ and click a tab’s speaker icon to see the same op­tions to mute that tab/oth­ers, and the ti­tles of all tabs that are play­ing au­dio;

42> you can click one of th­ese ti­tles to jump straight to that tab.

Sa­fari goes fur­ther in im­prov­ing how you in­ter­act with on­line me­dia. Air­Play Video lets you stream video con­tent to an Ap­ple TV with­out hav­ing to mir­ror the whole of your Mac’s dis­play. 43> Com­pat­i­ble video on a web­site dis­plays an Air­Play icon to the right of its vol­ume con­trol. Click­ing this lists Air­Play video re­ceivers on your net­work and se­lect­ing one (typ­i­cally an Ap­ple TV) sends the video di­rectly to your tele­vi­sion.

Sa­fari’s Reader fea­ture, which presents a clean view of only the text and images that are the real con­tent of a page, of­fers pre­sen­ta­tion set­tings be­yond re­siz­able text. 44> Open Reader by click­ing the para­graph icon at the left of the Smart Search field when view­ing a suit­able page, then click the AA icon on the field’s right side to open Reader’s ap­pear­ance set­tings, which in­clude four back­ground colours (white, sepia, grey and black), eight fonts, and the old font size ad­just­ment op­tions.

Pinned Sites gives you quick ac­cess to sites you use of­ten. 45> Pin­ning a site couldn’t be eas­ier: choose Win­dow > Pin Tab, or click on a tab’s ti­tle and drag it to the left of the tab, or

≈- click a tab and choose Pin Tab. The tab be­comes a small square on the left side of the tab bar, show­ing only a site icon. They re­main open when you close and re­open Sa­fari, and the sites in them run in the back­ground, so you’ll hear sounds such as mes­sage alerts.

Some of Sa­fari’s key­board short­cuts have changed. Pre­vi­ously, ç+1, ç+2 and so on opened book­marks from cor­re­spond­ing po­si­tions in the Fa­vorites Bar. 46> Th­ese short­cuts now switch be­tween tabs you have open, in­clud­ing pinned ones. 47> Now, also hold­ing down å loads an item from the Fa­vorites Bar (even if the bar is hid­den).

48> Th­ese two sets of short­cuts can be re­versed by turn­ing off ‘Use ç- 1 through ç- 9 to switch tabs’ in Sa­fari > Pref­er­ences > Tabs.

49> Ex­ten­sions now re­quire de­vel­op­ers to be part of the paid-for Ap­ple De­vel­oper pro­gram, the up­sides be­ing that their code must be signed by Ap­ple for se­cu­rity, and they can up­date them­selves as long as Sa­fari > Pref­er­ences > Ex­ten­sions > Au­to­mat­i­cally up­date… is en­abled.

Com­pat­i­ble web videos can be streamed to an Ap­ple TV with­out mir­ror­ing the whole of your Mac’s dis­play

At long last, Sa­fari catches up with other browsers with the in­clu­sion of speaker icons in its Smart Search field and on tabs that en­able you to mute sites that are mak­ing a racket in the back­ground.

Reader is more flex­i­ble than be­fore in how pages are pre­sented, of­fer­ing you a choice of page colours and fonts in ad­di­tion to an ad­justable text size.

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