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Even Fin­der has a few new fea­tures. One fea­ture that will be wel­come if you’re not used to the fairly sub­tle con­ven­tion of se­lect­ing a file or folder and then click­ing its name or press­ing ® to re­name it is 60> the ad­di­tion of a Re­name op­tion to the con­tex­tual menu that ap­pears when you ≈- click the item in­stead.

If you use Ter­mi­nal or pro­gram­ming tools in which you need to re­fer to a file or folder, typ­ing the whole path to it is te­dious and prone to er­ror, but you don’t have to run the risk. 61> In­stead, ≈- click the item and then hold down

å; you’ll no­tice that the usual Copy com­mand in the menu changes to ‘Copy <Item> as Path­name’. With Ter­mi­nal, you could al­ready pre­view achieve this by drag­ging an item onto its win­dow to in­sert its path into the com­mand line, but the abil­ity to copy it to the Clip­board pro­vides greater flex­i­bil­ity over what you do with that in­for­ma­tion – and it’s also eas­ier than drag­ging a file from one space into an­other if you pre­fer to run Ter­mi­nal in full-screen mode.

Yosemite al­ready puts progress bars on each file be­ing synced with iCloud Drive. How­ever, you might find your­self sav­ing not just the odd small doc­u­ment now and then, but much larger amounts of data be­tween your Macs and pos­si­bly iOS de­vices too.

62> To be sure that sync­ing ac­tiv­ity be­tween your Mac and iCloud Drive has com­pleted, Fin­der’s side­bar dis­plays a cir­cle next to iCloud Drive (if you’ve re­moved it, go to Fin­der > Pref­er­ences > Side­bar to get it back) which grad­u­ally fills to re­flect progress. This is help­ful if, say, you need to get some files onto a MacBook be­fore depart­ing. Open up a Fin­der win­dow, watch the progress in­di­ca­tor and only close the lid once the cir­cle dis­ap­pears, telling you the sync is com­plete.

With an es­pe­cially large amount of data trans­fer­ring to or from iCloud Drive, the cir­cle in the side­bar might fill pretty slowly. So, Fin­der has a sec­ond, more de­tailed progress in­di­ca­tor avai­il­able. 63> Turn on its path bar (View > Show Path Bar) and then browse to iCloud Drive (Go > iCloud Drive). At the bot­tom of the Fin­der win­dow you’ll see an in­di­ca­tion of how many items are be­ing copied, the to­tal amount of data be­ing copied, and an up­dat­ing to­tal of how much has copied across so far. Note that the fig­ure to the left that shows re­main­ing ca­pac­ity isn’t in­dica­tive of your iCloud Drive space; that’s re­fer­ring to your Mac’s free space.

El Cap­i­tan’s ver­sion of Fin­der makes it much clearer when files are be­ing synced to or from iCloud – right down to the last megabyte.

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