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Disk Util­ity has a new, more ap­proach­able look, though fea­tures such as writ­ing a disk im­age or folder to a CD or DVD have been dropped.

64> Its left-hand pane now cat­e­gorises disks as in­ter­nal, ex­ter­nal and disk images, re­duc­ing the chance you’ll mis­take, say, an SD card and a USB flash drive of the same size and erase the wrong one.

65> The right-hand pane is now purely in­for­ma­tional, show­ing de­tails of what­ever you’ve se­lected on the left in a colour-coded breakdown of its contents, much like the one for iPods and iOS de­vices con­nected to iTunes.

Op­er­a­tions are now in­voked solely from but­ton in the tool­bar. Some will be greyed out, in­di­cat­ing they’re not ap­pli­ca­ble to your se­lec­tion on the left. 66> First Aid is equiv­a­lent to Re­pair Disk in older ver­sions, check­ing for low-level struc­tural is­sues. The op­tion to re­pair per­mis­sions is gone be­cause El Cap­i­tan is sup­posed to check and re­pair them silently for you.

67> The Par­ti­tion fea­ture now shows a disk’s struc­ture as a pie chart. The or­der of par­ti­tions on a disk starts from top-cen­tre and works clock­wise around the chart. When par­ti­tion­ing a disk, the app will split which­ever is se­lected (blue af­ter you click it) when you click the + but­ton.

68> If you need to re­store the contents of a disk from an im­age, or an­other drive, that op­tion is still avail­able – but in the Edit menu, not Images.

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