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$249 (about £160) gnar­

What is it? A video-edit­ing gizmo de­signed for surfers and snow­board­ers wasn’t ever go­ing to be called any­thing but a Gnar­box, was it? The idea be­hind this lit­tle de­vice is that you can view and edit your footage in situ – just pop in your mem­ory card and edit on the go.

When’s it due? April 2016.

Why are we ex­cited? It’s a very prac­ti­cal idea – there’s noth­ing worse than get­ting home from a hard day pound­ing the slopes to find your shots aren’t as gnarly as you first thought. The Gnar­box is es­pe­cially use­ful when time is of the essence but it’s im­prac­ti­cal to carry a MacBook around with you.

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